Metal Mule Exhaust Canister – Stainless

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Metal Mule Exhaust Canister – Stainless


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Metal Mule




Exhaust Canister – Stainless Steel or Titanium (ADD $150)


Compatibility Note: See bike models below.


Replaces stock BMW exhaust canister and allows mounting of a BALANCED pannier system. Allows the fitting of equal-size panniers on both sides of the bike.

Built to Metal Mule’s specification by Scorpion, the system consists of a link pipe and oval end can, which positions the exhaust closer to the bike. Unlike other pannier manufacturers, the unique Metal Mule BALANCED system does not require “sculpting” of the left pannier to accommodate the bulbous BMW exhaust.


Here’s a photo showing the difference in size between the stock BMW F800GS exhaust, and the Metal Mule exhaust. Compared to the heavier BMW exhaust, there’s a weight reduction of 4.1 pounds when using the stainless steel Metal Mule exhaust. Not shown is the oval cross section of the MM canister, which is much slimmer than the full-round BMW can.


Shown above inside the pannier mounts.


Does not affect engine tuning or substantially change the exhaust note.


This canister is truly stunning in fit, finish, performance, and appearance. We’ve got one on our R1200GS and it’s proven itself over many miles of rugged terrain.


Here’s what Metal Mule says:


The special design of the link pipe and oval end can positions the exhaust closer to the bike with the following benefits:


KEY POINTS: The design allows you to fit the METAL MULE BALANCE SYSTEM – equal-size panniers on both sides of the bike. Exhaust emits at the rear of the bike – no more sooty deposits along the side of your panniers. High level exit point for more off-road capability.

Connects to standard Catalytic Converter or the METAL MULE Y-Piece (Y-piece optional for 1150).


Finish: Stainless Steel



Lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

T304 Stainless Steel internals.

Stainless Steel exterior, or Titanium exterior (add $150)
No re-packing of silencers required.

Acoustically developed tone.

Greater throttle response (Mid-range boost).

Easily fitted.

No fuelling changes required (dyno developed).

Manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standards.

Conforms to EEC legislation for legal silencers.

When ordering a titanium exhaust, please call us.  We need to make special arrangements.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 12 x 23 in


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