The same filter that fits the Kawasaki KLR 650 with locking gas cap, ALSO fits the DRZ 400 with a metal tank.
Magnetic ring mounts below the first nozzle opening.  Installation is the same for the DRZ as for the KLR.
The -ARM designation means the filter is “armored” with an anti-abrasion mesh to prevent chafing inside the tank.

Filter has no upper flange – the magnetic ring holds it in place
Filter neck diameter 42mm (inside the magnetic ring) 55mm (outside the magnetic ring)
Filter size 8″x8″
Filter is centered on the magnetic ring

Video shows the filter installed in the filler neck










Special fuel neck prefilter designed to be mounted inside the original fuel cap, simple drop-in easy to insert and extract, no further modifications or mountings.

Expedition media, XL+ 600 square cm of filtering surface, simply mounting and fast refueling, washable and long lasting.

HDM3D media will allow a very good protection of the fuel pump and main filter, Acquastop separating water from fuel during refueling.

For EFI systems, the original system has a strainer working between 40 and 60 microns, with a nylon mesh which is totally inadequate to protect the fuel pump.

Carbureted bikes will be protected from any contaminants and water during refueling. This filtration level will both preserve the fuel pump and prolong fuel original filter.

Double-check your bike’s make, model, year, gas tank design, filler nozzle, etc. before ordering. 
Take careful measurements of your filler nozzle and confirm for proper fitment. (see measurements of filter above).
If you order the wrong filter you’re responsible for any shipping fees needed to replace it with the proper filter, plus any price differences.
Filters that have been immersed in gas (or are not in like-new condition) are NOT eligible for return or refund.