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This book is FREE.  Yup, absolutely positively 100% free.  It’s not gonna cost you a single penny.  There’s no hidden agendas, no tricks up our sleeve, no bait-and-switch tactics, no gimmicks.

If you can download a PDF file, then the book is yours. For FREE.  It’s 110 pages long and grows as we make edits and add photos.  This is a work in progress; a book dedicated to the sport of Off Road Riding.

Newest version updated February 19 2017.  This version corrects the broken links that happened when we moved to our new website in January.  We’ve updated some files and photos.  In a few weeks we’ll be making a second update and we’ll be adding some commentary from experts in the field.

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Free is still free, at least it is where we come from.

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