This filter is for tractors, diesel trucks, storage tanks, and other utility vehicles.
While this filter may fit into your vehicle’s filler neck and the cap will close over it, customers often use it as a temporary filter sitting on top of the vehicle’s filler nozzle, then remove it when the tank is filled.

Fits into an 60 mm nozzle in your vehicle’s fuel tank.  
A wider 84mm upper flange holds the filter in place on top of the nozzle in your fuel tank
Filter bag is 7″ wide x 8″ long
Bag is armored with an anti-abrasion outer mesh 

Workshop filter
The Fuel Filter has special Matrix : HDM3D media with WATER SEPARATION for all kind of fuel: Petrol and Diesel.

While refueling, the Guglatech the Filter  will separate up to 100% of the free water, which you will simply empty and/or clean the filter before putting it away.

The big collar will allow you to filter all kind of fuels in your workshop, from contaminated sources, rusted tanks and mould infested plastic canisters.

Ideal for gravity feed from tanks and other fuel sources, will perfectly work both with petrol and diesel, std fuels or special ones for tracks and also aviation fuel.

Note: large quantities of water and/or chemical contamination, both deriving from “waste/cheat” or petrol additives, may result in a slow water dropping through the media or even a full water passage due physical and/or chemical interaction. Regardless of the water issue the FILTER will maintain its primary function of blocking the dangerous contaminants.