This filter is in addition to any Guglatech pre-filter you might install in the neck of your fuel tank.

With this Godzilla filter in place, AND the external fuel filter in place, AND the gas tank filter in place, you can remove the stock KTM paper cartridge from the fuel pump.  We don’t recommend removing that KTM cartridge unless you use all 3 Guglatech components.

THE GODZILLA RALLY/RAID/TRACK fuel system may not be Street Legal, this is a RACE ONLY system. (We don’t know why it wouldn’t be street legal here in the States, but that’s what Guglatech Italy tells us… this might be a European thing.  We doubt a cop’s gonna be looking in your gas tank.)

This is THE most advanced project in High-Flow filtration for all LC8 and RC8 KTM, all displacements, that guarantees the best flow, fuel pump protection and totally free maintenance of the in-tank fuel system.

The exclusive and innovative multi layer design allows a great protection and most importantly the biggest surface/flow capability. Godzilla has been designed to work ONLY with our neck prefilter (specific model for each bike) and an external in-line fuel filter eliminating both OEM fuel filters at the pump.

This combination will eliminate all kinds of fuel pump maintenance, thus no more tank opening ever again.

Other benefits are:-much better fuel flow;

  • -no more fuel pressure drop;
  • -no fuel pump “stress”;
  • fuel pump increased its life span;
  • much better throttle response;

Some models, like the 990 ADV, due to the best neck filtration, may reach the up to 30,000 miles before changing the much bigger external in-line filter.

Other models such as the 1050-1090-1190-1290 will change the external in-line filter between 20-25,000 miles the SM/SMR/SMT/SD can use different models with external in-line fuel change between 20,000 and 40,000 miles epending on filter mix and model type.

We offer you model specific external filter kit specially designed for your bike/model/airbox configuration.