KTM LC8 RC8 990/1190/1290 -O-Ring Kit for ALL fuel pumps


The new kit includes two different sizes for the Radial pump-base o-ring, one “large” to be used while servicing you fuel pump with all comforts and a nice cold beer in your garage, checking the pump, washing the filters, installing the Rally Raid Race System Godzilla, the other “slim” to easily insert the fuel pump back into the tank even in the worst working conditions on the road.

All Fuel pump/filter units mounted on KTM LC8 RC8 990 1190 and 1290 use the same design, here below the one equipping SD SMR SMT 990 ADV 1190, RC8 1190 ADV, SADV/SD 1290.

The only difference is the new FPR (fuel pressure regulator) of the latest 1190 and 1290 series working at 4,2 BARS instead of 3,5 BARS of the 990 (RC8 1190) series).

Here’s a photo equipping the ADV 990 and SD until 2007.

Here a small insight in the KTM EFI system, LC8 and RC8:

While inspecting the fuel pump to check filter status, or change them, you should also buy the radial o-ring at the base of the pump, problem is KTM sells the two units, lower and middle one, for 40 euro. It is really expensive for just a routine operation on an EFI motorbike.

Icing on the cake, fuel filters are sold for 70 euro the kit, again way too expensive for such a delicate and underestimated important part in an EFI motorbike.

If you choose to prefilter at neck, you will find that your fuel pump filter may just be washed following this simple procedure:

The kit includes all 9 O-rings in Viton, the best material for such an application, including all parts for the fuel pump overhaul and also the one for the fuel hose quick disconnecting.

Following the above mentioned procedure and swapping the o-rings at every check/washing, you will keep you filters in top condition for a very long time, and if combined with neck filtration, they may last indefinitely preserving also the fuel pump from wearing out.

While mounting the paper filter capsule back, make sure to fasten the clips with a plastic PA fastener, due to the clumsy design and the soft material, they may open up while driving due to the fuel pressure building in the capsule, stopping the engine for fuel pressure drop.

Tie it around like in the picture and it is ready!