For the KTM 690 manufactured through about May 2010
If your bike is made in that time frame, you’ll need to open up the bike and look at the code on your fuel filter.
If it says KL15, this is the kit you want.  If it says KL97 order the other kit MRT093

This kit contains a machined brass fitting and two stainless clamps. 

Elimination of the stock fuel filter (inside the tank) is prudent because those filters are the Achilles Heel of the bike. 








Because the filter is inside the tank it gets ignored, never serviced or replaced.
Instead, get the filtration you need from an external in-line fuel filter (order separately)
PLUS you can pre-filter your fuel with the Guglatech filter that fits in your gas tank

Once you eliminate the in-tank fuel filter, you must protect the injector(s) from any big chunks that can detach from the fuel pump.

Here’s a few photos showing what an external in-line filter installation looks like: