Mazinga series teabag fuel filter for the KTM 450 RFR and 690 Duke.

Complete with fuel pump filter cover, strainer, and necessary o-rings. 

This filter is in addition to any Guglatech pre-filter you might install in the neck of your fuel tank.

Guglatech video showing the Mazinga filter installation on a KTM 790.  Principle is the same.

The exclusive and innovative multi layer design allows a great protection and most importantly the biggest surface/flow capability. Mazinga has been designed to work ONLY with our neck prefilter (specific model for each bike) .

This combination will eliminate all kinds of fuel pump maintenance, thus no further need to open the fuel tank again.  The Mazinga slips over the fuel pump assembly, the new strainer replaces the OEM strainer, and new o-rings replace the old ones.

Fuel pump shown in the photo is NOT included in this kit.