Fits Husky 701 with the original key flange AND fits with the Vanasche riser.  If you have the locking cap with the green cone, this the filter for you. New drop-in design fuel filter HDM3D Media INNOVATIVE WELDED FILTER EDGES FOR THE BEST DIRT/WATER SEPARATION HUGE XXL+ SURFACE The new filter combines the extra fast HDM3D filtering media with the installing-friendly drop-in adapter, filter has a huge filtering surface of almost 1200 square cm with welded edges combining a very fast refueling with optimal EFI fuel pump and fuel filter protection. This filter allows fuel to flow into the tank faster than the M17006, BUT because of the sharp right-angle design of the fuel tank, you should still expect fueling to be slower than it would be during normal fueling.  That’s because of the bubbles that are present in gasoline dispensed from a high-pressure gas pump.  Some pumps deliver gas at such a high rate that the fuel is highly aerated (almost foaming).  It takes a second or two for those bubbles to dissipate.   This filter will prevent the need to keep changing fuel pump filters.  The strainer at the base of the fuel pump is working at 60 microns and it’s useless to prevent damage to the fuel pump.  The OEM filter is really small and can clog very fast, plus the fuel pump is exposed to all kind of particles and water contamination. This prefilter will prevent fuel issues, saving the EFI system and preserving it for many tens of thousand of miles. While prefiltering during refueling, you can easily clean fuel pump filters instead of continuously changing them to keep the motor running smoothly. After mounting your bike will be protected from contaminated petrol, keeping the whole system in top condition. The media is washable, and thanks to it’s huge surface, will last for many thousands of miles. You can extract it, empty it and wash it should the case arise. When ordering please list your bike’s make, model, and year in the order notes.