Mazinga series teabag fuel filter for the Husky 701

Photos do not necessarily show the Husky 701, but the system shown in the photo is the same.  

This filter is in addition to any Guglatech pre-filter you might install in the neck of your fuel tank.

Guglatech video showing the Mazinga filter installation on a KTM 790.  Principle is the same.

The exclusive and innovative multi layer design allows a great protection and most importantly the biggest surface/flow capability. Mazinga has been designed to work ONLY with our neck prefilter (specific model for each bike) .

This combination will eliminate all kinds of fuel pump maintenance, thus no more tank opening ever again.  The Mazinga slips over the fuel pump assembly. 

Other benefits are:-much better fuel flow;

  • -no more fuel pressure drop;
  • -no fuel pump “stress”;
  • fuel pump increased its life span;
  • much better throttle response;

Install Alert – Do not position the seam on top of the draining hole, push over the matrix and make sure the seam is positioned anywhere else on the body’s 4 sides.