Unlike every other air filter oil, Rock Factory Eco Foam is a non-toxic, water soluble air filter treatment.  It’s compatible with all foam, cloth, and matrix air filters.  It performs to the same standards as every other air filter oil, in fact it does a better job than some brands.

Here’s the good news – With Eco Foam your filter can be cleaned with nothing more than warm, soapy water.  You won’t need a can of air filter cleaner AND a can of air filter treatment, which means you’ll save money.  And because you don’t have to carry cans of solvent and filter oil with you on the bike, that means you can service your air filter IN THE FIELD.  On an epic ride? Air filter getting dirty?  No worries, at the end of the day clean the filter, let it air dry, treat it with Eco Foam, and reinstall.  Your’re ready for your next dusty day.

This convenient spray pump bottle contains 2 ounces of Eco Foam air filter treatment.  That’s enough to treat a Guglatech (or a K&N) air filter 3-4 times.  Because this bottle is so compact you can carry it with you on the trail and clean your filter (at camp) when you’re on your next epic ride.  

Cleaning Your Air Filter:  When your air filter gets dirty, knock off any excess dirt.  Place the filter in a large baggie, add a few drops of dish washing soap and some water, then agitate the baggie.  The dirt will float away.  Rinse and repeat until the filter is clean, then set it in the sun to dry.  Once dry, spray Rock Factory Eco Foam on the filter.  Easy peasy.  Here’s a video that shows how it’s done:  Cleaning A Guglatech Air Filter

Foam Filters: If you’re using a foam filter, squeeze out any excess Eco Foam.  Save the drippings for your next air filter service.

Cloth and Matrix Filters: If you’re using a cloth filter (K&N) or a Guglatech Matrix Filter, we suggest spraying the TOP side only.  From our air filter tests we found that spraying the top side gave the best results when it comes to catching contamination.  To see what we’re talking about, watch this video:  Motorcycle Air Filters In The Nuclear Age – Part III

Rock Oil Factory Eco Foam is made in the UK, and distributed by BestRest Products.