Almost all Guglatech fuel filters are installed through the small opening in the tank where you pour fuel.  The filter has to be rolled up tight, as if you were home-rolling a cigarette (photo at left) .  Once through the hole and inside the tank, the filter needs to be FULLY expanded. Think of it as a butterfly emerging from a cocoon and spreading its wings.  Unless the filter is expanded properly it’ll restrict the flow of fuel and reduce filtering effectiveness. 

If you use a sharp piece of wire to expand the filter you’ll penetrate the mesh and your filter will be ruined.  If you think you can make your own tool by bending a coat hanger, the bent end will catch the mesh and cause damage.  If you use the boxy-end of a zip-tie (as recommended in Guglatech tutorials), the zip-tie doesn’t have enough strength to do the job so it bends before it spreads the mesh.

BestRest came up with the solution – a stiff wire with a large bead on one end that won’t damage the mesh as you push the filter fully open.  You can bend the wire to reach all the far corners of the filter, so you’ll always get proper expansion.

This handy tool makes installation of Guglatech filters much quicker and easier.  Once you’re done put it somewhere safe, that way when it’s time to clean your filter you can use it again.   If you’re on an extended journey, store the tool on the bike so it’s handy for roadside re-installations.