Fits Acerbis tanks with a 38-40mm opening (1.5″)
Advised for bikes with EFI.  Filter is armored to protect against internal components.
Adapter for the Type C (clock cap) Acerbis cap, neck opening 48-50-53-56mm, MDR old and new type, lock-cap, rubber vent

Flange size 43mm
Neck size 37mm
Filter size 4″x8″
Filter bag is offset from the neck
Filter has an anti-abrasion outer mesh to protect from abrasion (tank often has sharp flashings from the molding process)

(Photo may not represent your filler nozzle, spring clip in photo was to hold filter neck for best photo)


The new and innovative HDM3D-X ACQUASTOP media with its exceptional filtering efficiency capable of protecting both fuel filters and fuel pump for many thousands of KM.

The 3D media, due to its innovative matrix, blocks and traps contaminants and water, thus saving the prefilter (working between 40 and 60 microns), and extends the paper filter (working between 8 and 10 microns). It also extends fuel pump life.

Filtering with the HDM3D-X ACQUASTOP, you will be free from bad refueling and nasty pump/filters “accidents”, prefiltering will allow you simply to wash you pump filter  after some 30-40,000 miles.

Double-check your bike’s make, model, year, gas tank design, filler nozzle, etc. before ordering. 
Take careful measurements of your filler nozzle and confirm for proper fitment. (see measurements of filter above).
If you order the wrong filter you’re responsible for any shipping fees needed to replace it with the proper filter, plus any price differences.
Filters that have been immersed in gas (or are not in like-new condition) are NOT eligible for return or refund.