This is a fuel hose replacement kit for NON-liquid cooled 1200’s
This hose is also for use on BMW 800 series that has a fuel pump with a 9.5mm barb.
This is a fuel pump HOSE KIT.  (does not include the pump or filter).

This HOSE KIT allows you to check and/or replace your fuel pump assembly.

Kit includes:
1 –  high pressure corrugated PA hose with these opening sizes:
         (8mm on one end, 9.5mm on other end)
2 – 316-304 stainless hose clamps
1 – fuel teabag strainer for bottom of pump assembly

Length and size of kit match the original BMW design.

The air cooled R1200 series has a “hidden fuel filter”.  What that means is the fuel filter is “hidden” behind the large white plastic fitting on the bottom of the black fuel pump access cap.  It’s not replaceable; you can’t get to it without cutting the housing apart.  BUT… we have a service method that allows you to clean the filter and keep it going. 

Watch this video to see how to service the fuel filter:  BMW R1200GS Invisible Fuel Filter Service