Fits the BMW F800/700/650twin and variations
This is a fuel pump HOSE and FUEL FILTER KIT.
It does not include the fuel pump itself.

Kit includes
1 – high pressure corrugated PA hose with 8mm openings both ends, see NOTE (*)
2 – 316-304 stainless hose clamps
1 – Mahle fuel filter cartridge that matches the OEM BMW design
1 – fuel strainer for the bottom of the pump assembly 

This kit allows you to  change the original fuel filter and the OEM hose which gets hard and brittle due to exposure to gasoline and heat from the engine.

Watch our YouTube video that shows the entire servicing process:  BMW F800GS Fuel Filter/Fuel Pump How-To Video

(*) BMW sources their fuel pumps from various suppliers.  Most come with an 8mm barbed end for attachment to the fuel hose.  Ours didn’t – it had a 9.5mm barb, so we used the fuel hose from the MRT096 kit which has an 8mm opening on one end and a 9.5mm on the other end.  Worked perfectly.   

If you discover your fuel pump has the larger 9.5mm barb we will be happy to swap out the hose.  Send us the smaller hose along with a $5 bill and we’ll send you the larger hose.

Or, you could do a partial disassembly of your fuel pump, take a measurement, confirm barb size, then place your order.  Just let us know the size of that barb and we’ll take care of you.