Cyclops Driving Light System – Honda Africa Twin
The Africa Twin’s headlights don’t provide enough light for serious riding.  Now you can upgrade your AT with the outstanding performance of Cyclops Long Range lights and you’ll really turn night in to day.
This is a complete plug-and-play auxiliary driving light system.  There’s no splicing, no fiddling, no messing around.  Installation is clean, neat and easy.  
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The kit includes:
1 – Black powder coated steel light bar that bolts to the front of the bike
2 – Long Range Optimus driving lights in a 10 or 20 beam pattern
1 – Wiring harness with all the necessary connectors – no splicing needed
This system has been “Baja crash tested into a cow”, and 24-hour race tested.  After all that abuse it still performed brilliantly.
To select your options use the drop-down menus below:
SIZE:  Use this menu to add the Skene Dimmer option that allows you to program the lights so they’ll dim when you flip from high beam to low beam.  Depending on your preference the lights will dim from 10-90% of the high beam setting.
COLOR: Use this menu to select the beam pattern you want. You can get two 10 lights, or two 20 lights.  (We suggest the 10/20 option which gives you 1 of each beam). 
LENSES:  Finally, if you want protective lens covers you can add them too.  Lenses are clear or amber, with an option for a spot pattern or a wide-beam fog beam pattern.  CLICK HERE to order lenses.  You’ll need two (2) of them.