Cyclops H4 Bulb 10.0 10,000 Lumen

//Cyclops H4 Bulb 10.0 10,000 Lumen

Cyclops H4 Bulb 10.0 10,000 Lumen


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Cyclops H4 LED Gen 10.0 Headlight Bulb 10,000 Lumens  (that’s NOT a misprint)

For bikes using an H4 headlight system. (see note below).  This Gen 10.0 bulb is the best headlight you can install in your bike.  It’s better than HID and it’s CANbus compatible, so you can use it on a BMW or other CANbus equipped motorcycle or other vehicle.  Each bulb comes with spacers so you can adjust low-beam cutoff.

We installed a similar bulb on a 2013 BMW G650GS – same process, only brighter.  It’ll also work on other BMW 650 singles. Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel where you can watch install on the BMW 
Lumen rating 10,000 (all LED 4 emitters)
Color temp 5600
Power draw 38 watts
All metal construction
Small diameter housing
Vibration proof
Fan cooled for extreme conditions
Warranty 1 year
Operates on DC power only, so if you have a bike with H4 bulbs and AC power system you will need a rectifier (contact us).  Most street legal bikes are DC powered, the exception is the KTM EXC250/525/530 carburetor bikes and most other dirt bike based dual sports. The WR250R is a DC powered bikes.
In your order notes, specify your bike make, model, and year so we can be sure you get the correct configuration.

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