This kit converts your bike’s front turn signals into brilliant white LED running lights, and your rear turn signals into auxiliary brake lights. This is a CANbus compliant, plug-and-play system.  It’s the best of all worlds, increasing your bike’s conspicuity and warning other traffic of your intentions.  They’re so good we put them on our own personal bikes.

Product Update Dec ’18.  This system also allows the REAR signals to also act as running lights on newer BMW’s that have the “wonderwheel” control.  This feature is not available for bikes without that system.  This new video shows that running light feature:  BMW rear signal running lights

Watch our YouTube video showing the installation process:  Cyclops Evolution Turn Signal Inserts INSTALLATION

Front:  Turn signals always act as bright white running lights.  Activate your turn signal and that signal flashes a brilliant yellow.  The other signal remains white.

Rear:  Turn signals act as auxiliary brake lights.  Activate your turn signal and that signal starts flashing a brilliant yellow.  Apply the brake and both signals display a brilliant red light.  If you’re signalling as you brake, the signalling light flashes a brilliant yellow, and the other light displays a constant red.  (better photos coming soon – these don’t do a very good job of showing the difference between yellow and red)

Rear:  For newer BMW’s equipped with the thumbwheel control, you can order the system with a special rear relay that allows the rear signals to also act as running lights.  You’ll get the usual auxiliary brake light function AND those signals will also act as running lights.  And if you already have a Cyclops Turn Signal Insert System on your thumbwheel BMW, you can retrofit your harness with a special relay and you’ll get that rear running light option.
Order separately here:  Special Relay That Turns Rear Signals Into Running Lights (BMW thumbwheel bikes only)









Available for newer model Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, KTM, Triumph, and Zero motorcycles that have a turn signal shape as shown on at left.
LED inserts fit turn signals housings that look like the images at left.

If your signals are an older design, you’ll need to replace them.  We found suitable signal stalks on Ebay for about $20 per pair  (you’ll need 2 pairs, 1 front, 1 back).  They’re 105 mm long overall, with a 21mm black stalk.  The video shows you what to order.

BMW kits have a short wire harness extension, allowing the system to reach to the rear signals.  Other bikes don’t require this extension.  If you order a BMW kit you’ll automatically get that extension at no extra cost.

Got a KTM 250,250,450,500,690 or a Husky 501, 701 with a SINGLE turn indicator light?  (meaning you have a single dash light that flashes when signal is activated, but that light doesn’t indicate which signal is flashing).  We have a solution but it’s not an option listed on the website.  It’s an extra $10 for that feature; call us to place an order.  We’ll wire things up so it works for you.

Watch our YouTube video showing the installation process:  Cyclops Evolution Turn Signal Inserts INSTALLATION