Cyclops 3.7″ LED Driving Lights

If you want more illumination than even the best headlights can provide, these auxiliary driving lights are the answer.  They’re so good we’ve got ’em on our own bike. They literally turn “night into day” after the sun goes down, and they make the bike brilliantly conspicuous during daylight hours. 
Watch our YouTube video for a description of these lights, to learn about the wiring options, and to see how well they work after dark. 
In that video we compared them to a pair Rigid Dually lights.  Cyclops beat them hands-down.  
Housing black metal, finned for heat dissipation
Mounting stud 8mm dia. x 30mm long
Adjustable 2 axis mounting (left-right, up-down)
Lens diameter: 60mm
LED modules: 1 per light
Raw lumens: 1052
Effective lumens: 736
Wattage: 10 watts each
Amperage: .83 amps each
Weight: 1.53 lbs each
Size: 3.74 x 3.79 x 3.74″
Effective range: 883 feet
Warranty: 1 year
The lights are sold in PAIRS, in 3 beam patterns:
 spot  20 spot, or a 10/20 spot combo.  
We like the 10/20 version. The 10 shoots light down the roadway, the 20 fills in the side of the roadway so we can see critters lurking in the shadows.
The kit includes a professional grade wiring harness that’ll fit any motorcycle.  It has an inline fuse, wiring connections, and it’s ready to hook up to your bike.  Watch our video to see how it’s done.
Options Include:
Handlebar switch (+$20)
Skene dimmer module (+75)
Handlebar switch + Skene dimmer module (+$95)
Snap-On Lens Options (sold separately below):
Clear Cover (no light pattern modification) (+20 each)
Clear Wide Beam (+20 each)
Amber Spot (+$20 each)
Amber Wide Beam (+20 each)
To get the most from these lights you’ll probably want the Skene dimmer module; it’s a small control box that allows you to run the lights at a pre-programmed power level on low beam.  Watch the video to see how it works.  
Note that these are sold in PAIRS, so an order of 1 will give you 2 lights, plus the harness, plus the options you select. 
Click the drop-down menu options to select desired configuration.
    “Size” gives you the beam pattern options
    “Color” gives you the wiring options
Because these lights are configured based on the options you select, there may be a 2-3 day delay before your order ships.
Note Honda Africa Twin owners:  You need a special system for your bike, the kit on this page won’t work.  Click HERE for the Africa Twin Kit