Cyclops BMW F700/800GS High/Low Kit 2008-2013

//Cyclops BMW F700/800GS High/Low Kit 2008-2013

Cyclops BMW F700/800GS High/Low Kit 2008-2013


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Cyclops BMW F700GS/F800GS Kit (2008-2013 only)

Also fits the F650GS twin
This kit contains TWO H7 LED 10th Generation 4.8 4800 Lumen Cyclops lights for a conversion of BOTH high beam and low beam.  The kit includes a replacement cap for the rear of the high beam module.  No replacement cap is needed for 2008-2013 low beam modules.  If you have questions about this, call us.
We installed this complete high beam/low beam kit on our 2008 F800GS.  The results were SPECTACULAR.  Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel where you can watch the install process:  Cyclops Install BMW F800GS
4800 lumen H7 bulbs x 2 = 9600 Latest Generation
Complete plug-and-play
Custom replacement cap for rear of high beam module
No CANbus errors
Color temp 5700K
Power draw 30 watts per bulb
New Cree MKR emitters X2
Replaceable drivers
Small diameter housing
Fan cooled for extreme conditions
Warranty 1 year
Important Note: Many F800s had headlights warrantied by BMW, these warrantied headlights were actually 2014 versions and require the 2014 and newer kit. Also riders in European countries may have the 2014 headlight on a 2013 bike. The difference is that the 2014 headlight has flat caps, while the 2013 versions have domed caps. Please check the headlight version on your bike before purchasing a Cyclops headlight bulb & cap kit so you get the correct version for your bike.
In your order notes, specify your bike make, model, and year so we can be sure you get the correct configuration.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 11 × 13 in


  1. Mark

    Pete, I was super impressed at the ease of installation. I received my High/Low kit on Thursday and installed it on Saturday. Unfortunately, it has been raining here so I haven’t had a chance to use the lights in a practical test. I will review their performance in a couple weeks. Thanks again.

    Chesapeake, VA
    F700GS rider

  2. turbobob (verified owner)

    Hi Guys

    Just finished the install on my 2009 F800GS. First off let me say thanks for the quick and easy transaction. Of note, it took me an hour of fiddling to get the install right (not bad) and I am by far not the handiest guy on earth. The connectors on the drivers were different than shown on your YouTube vid. This makes the fit in the housing a bit different than shown. Instead of the flat connectors these were Threaded Barrel type and on the low beam side required a fair bit of effort to cram in so the cap would go back on. All that being said, even in broad daylight the difference is noticeable! I’ll go out later snd confirm but so far I’m impressed with the light output

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