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Velocity simplifies the chore of cleaning and lubricating motorcycle chains. It turns a messy task into a hassle-free experience, with minimal prep and cleanup. It works on 520-530 chains up to a maximum width of 7/8” (.875).  It can also be used for bicycle chains.

To watch a YouTube video showing the Velocity in use, click this link:

Velocity Chain Tool In Use

Velocity focuses solvents and lubes directly onto the chains rollers and pins, eliminating splatter and over-spray.  The chain is thoroughly flushed, cleaned, and lubed as it passes thru the body of the tool.  A clean and well-lubed chain lasts longer, and so do your sprockets.

The kit includes the flushing and cleaning body, a syringe for solvents and lubes, and 3 lengths of tubing for injection and draining. 

Note: We use this kit on our own chain-driven bikes (KTM450, BMW800, HondaXR650). It keeps the chain and sprockets in tip-top shape.

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Here’s how it all works:

1. Snap Velocity onto the lower part of the chain, in front of the sprocket.  The clamshell design closes with a strong magnet.  

2. Secure Velocity’s wire leash to the motorcycle to prevent it from fouling the chain.

3. Attach drain hose to the bottom of Velocity.  The drain can go into a plastic bottle or into a pan.

4. Attach the quick disconnect hose to the injection syringe and fill the syringe with solvent(*).  We use bulk kerosene because it’s cheap and re-usable. Do not use gasoline due to fire hazard

5. Attach the injection hose to the top of Velocity and slowly depress the syringe.

6. Slowly spin rear wheel, which moves the chain thru the cleaning chamber and flushes it with solvent; all the dirt and grit drains out the bottom hose.

7.  Depending on how dirty your chain is, you may need to repeat the above process 2-3 times, refilling the syringe.

8.  Once the chain is clean, wipe it with a rag to remove any excess solvent.  

9. Using the same syringe, switch over to chain lube.  We prefer using 75W-80 gear lube. Usually one syringe of lube is enough to thoroughly lube the chain. 

10. Wipe off any excess chain lube with a rag.

11. Remove Velocity from the chain. (do not ride with it in on the chain because it will come off and your sprocket will eat it for lunch).  

12. Dispose of excess solvents and lubes in an environmentally friendly manner. 8^)

13.  Go for a ride.  We give you permission.

(*) Instead of using bulk solvents and lubes, you can also use aerosol cans that have a plastic wand fitted on the spray nozzle.  The wand fits into an adaptor on one of the hoses.  

To see the Velocity in use, click this link:  Velocity on YouTube



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