Moto-Grill tm is a folding camp grill you can use over a campfire, and it also attaches to the side of a pannier so you have a working shelf for preparing meals or other tasks.  No more cooking on the ground!  Get that stove up where you can use it as you sit comfortably in your camp chair and sip a cold one.

Here’s a YouTube video showing the Moto-Grill in action: Moto-Grill In Action

This next photo shows one of my favorite campsites – it’s in the back country so there’s no picnic table available. I had to put my Jet Boil stove on the ground and prepare my dinner on the pannier lid and on top of nearby rocks.  There was no campfire ring or cooking grill so I I was limited to boiling water for freeze dried foods. After that experience I created the Moto-Grill.  

The photo with the campfire shows the Moto-Grill cooking a simple hot dog dinner.  The next night was a little fancier with steak and baked potatoes.  

Moto-Grill folds flat and slips into a convenient Cordura pouch that keeps your other gear clean.  Store the kit in your saddlebag or strap it on the luggage rack using the handy tie-down loops on the outside of the pouch.

When you arrive in camp the Moto-Grill sets up in less than 30 seconds then you’re ready to prepare a meal or play a game of cards on the shelf, or grill your dinner over the campfire.

Moto-Grill attaches to your pannier with 2 strips of adhesive-backed Velcro and 2 adjustable Velcro straps that snap onto your pannier handles or hook over the edge of the box .  You can adjust the shelf so it’s level whether you have the bike on the sidestand or centerstand, and you can make adjustment if your bike is parked off-level.  The straps quickly detach when you want to use the Moto-Grill on the campfire.

Because it’s free-standing, it can also serve as a small table around the campsite when it’s not being used on the campfire.  It’ll hold your gear 10″ above the ground where you can reach it as you sit in your camp chair.

Moto-Grill comes with a convenient 12″ x 12″ high-density plastic cutting board for preparing your meals.  The cutting board also prevents the legs of cooking stoves with a tripod base from slipping between the bars.  The board has double-sided Velcro strips to secure it onto surface of the grill.


  • Nickel plated heavy-duty steel grill for longevity
  • HDPE cutting board 12″x12″ with Velcro strips to secure it to the grill 
  • Fully adjustable to be level under all conditions 
  • Attaches to hard panniers using double-stick adhesive Velcro pads
  • Cordura storage pouch with 4 tie-down loops and Velcro closure flap
  • Folding legs place the grilling surface 7.5″ to 10″ above the ground
  • Measures 12″ wide x 16″ long x 3/4″ thick
  • Weight 44 ounces in the pouch