BMW F800 GS Shock Bolt Support with Upper Bolt
Fits 2008-2019+ F800GS, F650GS twins and the F700 Twin
Fits 2014-2023+ F800GS and GS-Adventure

Fits all shocks that have an upper body dimension of 56mm or less (measured below the upper eyelet)

The F800GS is a great bike, but it has a few flaws… including the suspension.  Since the day the bike hit the market, riders have been upgrading the front forks and the rear shock.  The stock suspension is simply too soft for serious adventure conditions.  Things bend.  Things break.  Reach for your wallet because it’s gonna hurt.  If you bend the bolt, it bends the frame, and BMW won’t cover it under warranty.

When it comes to the rear suspension, one serious design flaw has been identified… the upper bolt assembly just isn’t up to the rigors of off-road use.  There’s been hundreds of reports that the upper bolt bent under stress, and horror stories about the entire frame needing replacement because of that bolt failure.

These photos were taken of a customer’s bike.  The upper shock mounting brackets were so badly bent that the frame was a total loss – his bike was out of service for 2 months while BMW replaced the frame.  Ouch.  That bolt is supposed to be straight.  Wanna read about it, follow the thread here:  F800GS shock bolt problems


We have a solution to the upper shock bolt problem.  We manufacture an upper shock bolt support bracket that fits into place alongside the existing shock mounting hardware.  It replaces the spacer, and it cradles the large cross-over frame tube in a way that distributes the load evenly.  

Made from a single piece of high grade 7050-T7 aluminum alloy, this new product is designed to eliminate movement or distortion of the top shock bolt. By evenly distributing shock forces across three points it will eliminate the likelihood of a bent shock bolt, which leads to a bent frame.

Works with BMW, Wilburs, Ohlins, Touratech, and most other aftermarket shocks.  (we haven’t found a shock that didn’t work with this bracket)


Photo below shows the newest version.  One solid piece of aluminum.  The big hole at top is for the large bolt, the smaller hole at lower right is for the rear frame bolt, and the big curved hook fits around the cross-over tube of the bike’s frame.  Everything is “locked together” and that gives the bolt the strength it needs to withstand the pounding from the shock.


Each bracket comes with a 12x120mm 12.9-grade hardened upper bolt and washer.  The original BMW OEM bolt was a buttery-soft 10.5 grade bolt that easily bent; our new hardened 12.9 grade bolt further strengthens the entire shock mounting system.  The kit also includes the 10mm bolt that holds the main frame to the subframe assembly.  You will need to reuse the nut that came off the end of the stock 10mm bolt.

Note – the bracket MAY require minor hand-fitting so the bolts align in their respective holes.  This isn’t a manufacturing defect, instead it’s the result of frame welding variations.  A few minutes work with a rat-tail file allows you to adjust the holes so the bolts fit perfectly.

For a YouTube video that shows the installation process CLICK HERE