March ’06. The original stainless Classic-1 BackRest went out of production. The exquisite stainless steel construction was a no-holds-barred design that provided maximum adjustability for serious riders and serious riding conditions.  It weighed about 7 lbs. and cost $575.00

March ’13.  The next generation Classic-2 BackRest went out of production. It was a simpler version of the stainless BackRest, but retained all the important features.  The steel frame was powdercoated black.  It weighed 5 lb. 3 oz. and cost $350.00

April ’13.  Here’s the good news: Classic-3

We just developed the newest member of the BackRest family, the Classic-3. This aluminum framed version retains all the features of the two previous models including a fully adjustable frame and adjustable back pad, and it can be folded down on itself and locked in place with a simple quick release pin. 

Thanks to lightweight aluminum alloys the Classic-3 weighs only 2 lb. 12 oz.  And because we’re using an aircraft-style rivet assembly on some components we’ve simplified assembly and been able to reduce the cost to only 300.00.

The Classic-3 fits on any BestRest CargoRest for passenger use. It also fits the R11xxGS and R12GS for the rider when the passenger seat is removed. In those applications it must be mounted on one of our ToolPlates or PillionPlates.

Don’t have a GS or a BMW? The good news is the Classic-3 will mount to any flat surface that measures at least 6″ x 6″.  If you have a flat luggage rack, then the Classic-3 can be adapted to fit.  A simple 4-bolt attachment allows you to secure the Classic-3 to your bike.

The patented design of the BackRest allows infinite adjustment.  It can be configured in a upright position when you need back support and riding comfort, or it can be folded down and locked in place when you don’t need it.  The high density foam padding provides comfortable support and adds miles to your riding day.

The photos on this page show the older Classic-2 version, with a black powder coat finish.  The Classic-3 has a natural aluminum color which is about the same as the silver frame on the motorcycle.

Maximum elevation to the top of the pad is about 15″, minimum is about 8″.  


Classic 2 BackRest
shown in “riders” position.  The Classic-3 works the same way.


Classic 2 range of motion low (upper left), med (upper right), and high position (lower left).  The Classic 3 retains the same range of movement.

Closeups of linkage and adjustment pins

Folded down and locked in place with pin,  it retracts in an area not much larger than the mounting plate

Many people ask us if the folded Classic-3 could also be used as a passenger seat (when folded could the passenger sit on the pad?) Sorry, but it’s not designed for that purpose. It’s a BackRest, not a saddle.

The Classic-3 is masterpiece of engineering, yet it’s brilliantly simple in execution. Proven on rides around the world, this same design helped win Gold Medals in the Iron Butt™ Rallies in 2003 and 2005. 

The BestRest BackRest is covered under US Patent #09/917,528.