The TireIron BeadBrakR is a tire changing tool in a pouch. It’ll change tubed and tubeless tires.

The BeadBrakR kit is 2″ thick x 5.5″ wide x 12″ long. Total weight is 3.1 pounds.

The standard BeadBrakR kit contains the following items:

3 – Tire irons (8.5″ long) zinc plated
1 – BeadBrakR assemblies (Corner, Lever, Plunger, Lock Bar) rustproof stainless steel
2 – Lanyards to secure the 5 quick release assembly pins
2 – Rubber rim channels to protect the inside of your rim from scratches
1 – 2-ounce bottle of BeadGoop tire mounting lube that makes tire removal easy
1 – Valve Stem Multi-Tool that tightens or removes cores and inserts new valve stems(*)
1 – Instructions with bead breaking and tire mounting tips

(The ordering option for the kit with NO tire irons means it doesn’t contain ANY tire irons. That kit is for those that already have BestRest tire irons with holes. Only BestRest irons will work!)


(*) When ordering, determine whether your tires are TUBELESS or have inner TUBES. The Valve Stem Multi-Tool differs for each type of tire.

The TUBELESS version threads on the OUTSIDE of the valve stem. It is used to install a new rubber valve stem when needed.

The TUBED TIRE version threads INSIDE the valve stem and allows the stem to slip thru the hole in the rim. You can pull the stem back thru the hole when the tube is repaired or replaced.

The BeadBrakR kit with the TCM gives you all the parts you need to break a bead PLUS you get the Tire Changing Mat which serves as a storage pouch for all the components.

To watch the BeadBrakR in action watch it on YouTube: BeadBrakR on YouTube

If in doubt, order the TUBED TIRE version. It will work for both types of tires.

Want a TCM (Tire Changing Mat) instead of the standard BeadBrakR pouch? Select that option below. The TCM is a large 35×35″ mat that gives you a handy place to work on your tire. It’ll also serve as a mini-rain cover, or as a doormat at your tent, or as a tablecloth for those grungy picnic tables you find along the trail. To learn more about the TCM click HERE.

If your bike has inner tubes, when you order a BeadBrakR you should also get the BeadSpreader. It opens up the tire sidewalls so you have room to fit the valve stem (or the rimlock) into the hole in the rim.