SuperZilla is a lubricant, a penetrant, and a cleaning solvent.  It’s superior to all other products when it comes to freeing stuck bolts, loosening rust, dissolving grease, and lubricating small parts.  Yes, that’s a mighty big claim but it’s true.  We tested it against every other product in our shop and we were convinced. SuperZilla rocks.

Yadda-yadda-yadda.  Ho-hum.  Another “miracle product” which is nothing more than snake oil, right?  Not really.  This stuff really works.  We like it better than WD-40 and better than any other general purpose lubricant/degreaser we’ve ever tried in the past 50+ years.

Chain sling – SuperZilla quickly dissolved the chain sling on our rear wheel better than any other product we’ve found, and believe us when we say we’ve tried them all.  Spray it on, wait a couple minutes, and wipe the wheel with a rag. Easy peasy.  (when spraying keep it off your brake pads and rotors)

Road tar – SuperZilla dissolves road tar – including the baked-on chunks that stick to your exhaust pipes.  We sprayed it on, waited a few minutes, and the chunks dissolved before our eyes.  We were able to scrape off the last remnants with a fingernail.  No scratches on the pipes, no damaged chrome.

Cables and controls – SuperZilla quickly turns a sticky clutch or throttle cable into one that works smoothly again.  Also works on clutch levers, brake levers, brake pedals,  and other moving parts.  We don’t recommend it as a chain lube.

SuperZilla performs these tasks:
  • Stops squeaks
  • Lubricates hinges, rollers, and small gears
  • Frees sticky locks, cables and valves
  • Penetrates and frees rusted nuts and bolts
  • Cleans and protects metals including stainless steel
  • Protects all metal surfaces against rust and corrosion
  • Removes stains from fabrics
  • Dissolves bumper sticker residue
  • Softens and removes paint over-spray
  • Removes pine sap and tree droppings
  • Removes grease, oil, and road grunge
  • Dissolves road tar, including baked on chunks
  • Dissolves chain lube sling on motorcycle wheels

SuperZilla’s formula is:

  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low odor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soap and water cleanup
  • Natural plant-based formulation
  • California VOC compliant and no CFC’s
  • Certified USDA BioPreferred

SuperZilla aerosol canister contains 300ml (10.14 oz) of solvent/lubricant.  The can measures 2.5×8″. This size is good for home projects.   A 5″ pinpoint straw fits into the nozzle so you can direct the juice where you need it.  NOTE:  This aerosol container CANNOT be shipped to an international address because of postal regulations, nor can it be shipped UPS 1-Day or 2-Day air.  Instead, select the squirt bottle version below.  

SuperZilla squirt bottle contains 56ml (1.9 oz) of solvent/lubricant.  The bottle measures 1.5″x4.5″.  This size fits easily in the palm of your hand and its small enough to carry in a tankbag.  Remove the protective top cap and depress the pumper top.  You’ll get a mist of juice where you need it.

SuperZilla is made by Top Duck Products of Lansing, MI.  They also manufacture GunZilla and CopperZilla gun cleaning products.