Spectro Golden 4 Semi-Synthetic Blend Oil

We’re picky about motor oil.  We don’t put any oil in our motorcycle unless we’re sure it meets the demands of the manufacturer, and unless we’re 100% confident that it will do the job of lubricating the engine’s vital parts.  There’s no better engine insurance than using a good quality oil.

Specto is been the brand we’ve used for years.  We like is so much that we decided to offer it to our customers, and for the riders who visit our shop during their world travels.

Golden Semi-Synthetic a super premium blended lubricant. Exceeds all known motorcycle manufacturers warranty requirements, plus A.P.I. SL/JASO MA/MA2. Smoother shifting, highest shear stability, exceptional endurance for the price.

Want to learn more about this Spectro Oil?  Click this link to visit Spectro’s website.

Available in 10W30, 10W40, and 20W50 viscosities.

Also available: Spectro Platinum Gear Lube 75W90
This is a Full Synthetic GL-1 gear lube, suitable for most motorcycle transmissions and rear drives (we use it in our own BMW motorcycles, so it meets a pretty high standard of performance)
When ordering oil, also consider getting a couple OilJugs.  They’re small plastic jugs that allow you to carry less than a quart with you on the bike.  Why carry a full quart, when you only need a few ounces for a quick fill-up along the road?  Order here.

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