What’s an NorthWest Passage (NWP) Expedition Kit?  It’s a collection of carefully vetted gear that you’ll need on your next adventure.  Each item has a specific purpose, each item has proven itself in the field, and each item will get you home at the end of the day.

We call these items “NorthWest Passage Expedition Kits” in tribute to the NorthWest Passage Adventure Route that BestRest developed, which runs across the northern borders of Washington and Idaho, then east into Montana where it ties into the northern terminus of the Continental Divide Route (CDR).  From there you can ride south to Mexico, off road.  To find out more click the NorthWest Passage tab in the left column.

Shawn Thomas came up with the idea of bundling products into NWP kits.  Shawn told us how much he relied on our gear when he’s training riders in the deserts of SoCal, or when he’s leading an expedition for the Dakar Rally in South America.  Shawn knows adventure gear, what works and what you need in the field.
Shawn carries all these items on his bike wherever he travels anywhere in the world.  He uses every piece of gear himself and he uses it to keep his clients moving down the trail. Every one of these items are on Shawn’s “must carry” list.  His endorsement doesn’t come lightly – we had to earn his approval by making adventure gear that’s better than anything else on the market.  Once you’ve tried it in the field we’re sure you’ll agree with Shawn.  While Shawn was in our shop, we shot an impromptu video that showcases these Expedition Kits.  You can watch it on YouTube by CLICKING HERE
NWP Expedition Kit – LEVEL 1
Purpose of this Kit:  
  • Tire inflation (quickest, most reliable method in the field)
  • Tire repair (both tubed and tubeless repairs)
  • Tire pressure management (air-up, air down quickly and easily)
  • Easily connect air chucks to valve stems, even in the tight space between rim and hub  
Contents of this Kit:
  • 1- CyclePump EXPEDITION Tire Inflator – fills a flat tire in 2-3 minutes, rugged and reliable
  • 1- EZAir Tire Gauge – tire pressure management made easy, fill the tire thru the gauge
  • 1- Universal Tire Repair Kit – vulcanizing repairs for tubed and tubeless tires
  • 1- Motorcycle Tire Changes and Repairs DVD
NWP Expedition Kit – LEVEL 2
Purpose of this Kit
  • Tire changing and mounting (a self-contained tire repair shop for field changes and repairs)
  • Tubeless tire seating (getting tubeless sidewalls against the rim so you can build pressure)  
Contents of this Kit:
  • 1- TireIron BeadBrakR – change tires in the field, tubed version also works on tubeless
  • 1- DonorHose – use one tire as a high pressure air tank, blast other tire with high pressure air
  • 1- BeadSetR – ratcheting strap to spread sidewalls so you can build pressure in tubeless tires
  • 1- Tire Changing Mat (TCM) – 36×36″ Cordura mat with pouch for BeadBrakR and other tools

NWP Expedition Kit – LEVEL 3 
Purpose of this Kit:  
  • Recovering a motorcycle that has gone off the trail, using a rope and pulley system
  • Towing a disabled motorcycle safely and effectively
  • Jump starting a motorcycle that has a dead battery
Contents of this Kit:
  • 1- Motorcycle Recovery System Heavy Duty – 5:1 lifting ratio will haul big bikes up a slope
  • 1- Battery Jumper Cables – smallest and lightest cables on the market
  • 1- MotoSiphon – transfer fuel from one bike to another
There are no substitutions for products in these Kits. If you already have a CyclePump or a set of Jumper Cables or something else shown in these kits, please don’t ask us to remove those items from and expect a discount.  

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