Nuke-Tape™     Whaaaatt’s that?  It’s duct tape rated for use by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Really, no joke, we’re dead serious. It’s used in nuclear power plants to seal end caps on stainless steel pipes, hold labels and signs, and seal duct work. Read the NRC specs on the product page.

Most duct tape comes in rolls that are too big to carry on a motorcycle.  

Nuke-Tape™ comes in flat 2″x6″ strips, 20 strips per pack, stacked together like a pad of sticky notes.  There’s a tab on one end so you can pull off one strip of Nuke-Tape™ at a time. Use what you need, put the other strips back in the tankbag. 

 (Nuke-Tapetm brand duct tape from BestRest Products is not the same product as a silicone rubber tape made by United Controls International)

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