Moto Pockets

Moto Pockets are clever little storage pouches that attach to your bike with high-strength Velcro.  They provide a handy and secure pouch to put all your odds-and-ends.  Zippers with string loops provide easy access, even when wearing gloves. 

The TopCase and Sidecase models have an elastic mesh side panel so you can see what’s inside.  The mesh expands as you stuff the pocket.

Each Moto Pocket comes with two alcohol swabs to clean the mounting surface, and a Velcro mounting pad (windshield model) or Velcro strips (topcase and sidecase models). This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Velcro… it’s high strength and it’ll hold up to the roughest use.  This system is so strong it’s used by Jimmy Lewis (author, racing legend, and off-road training expert.)
Moto Pockets come in 4 models:  

Windshield Pocket

Attaches to the rear of the windscreen (below your field of view and above the instruments). It’s big enough for your tankbag overflow, and it’s a good place to hold maps, sunglasses, lens cleaners, etc.

TopCase Pocket 

Attaches to the inside of your topcase. It provides a good storage pouch to hold special gear, clothing, etc.  

SideCase Pocket

Attaches to the inside of the sidecase (saddlebag).  We like putting them on the underside of the lid.  We put gloves and other quickly needed items inside.

Baja Pocket

Attaches to inside of the sidecase (saddlebag).  Has a zippered pouch plus mesh panels on the outside for holding small items.

  SKU Model  Application  Size (inches) Price 
 10001 Windshield  Rear of windscreen, above the instruments 11x7x2  30.00 
 10003  Topcase  Inside lid of topcase 11.5x9x2 37.00
 10006   Sidecase Inside lid of sidecase 14x6x2    30.00
 10009   Baja       Inside the lid of sidecase 14x6x2      30.00 
 30002 Velcro pad Extra velcro pad for Windsheld Moto Pocket  11×7   8.00