Metal Mule Top Cases

22 Liter Stubby Mule Dimensions  32 Liter Classic Mule Dimensions
Height 225mm Height 325mm
Depth 315mm Depth 315mm
Width 390mm Width 390mm

Available only in storm grey POWDER COATED finish.  Comes with top handle, side handles, and rubber feet.  Price is the same for either size (22 or 32 liter).

Top cases are perfect for high value items, laptops and digital cameras. Its strong and secure, and keeps out water and dust.  The Q-Fit attachment system makes attachment or removal quick and easy.  All fittings are designed with strength and security in mind. The lid is hinged along its entire length in stainless steel, and the stainless steel carrying handle is recessed and sprung.


Security is provided with an internal cam lock with a key common with pannier sets as long as they are ordered at the same time. This convenient lock allows the lid to be closed but not locked – a great feature which enables the rider to remove items easily when required – but can also be closed and locked when the bike is unattended.


Constructed in 2mm gauge aluminum, each pannier has double folded corners and an inverted tray bottom. The lipped lid sits down on a rubber seal. The seams are sandwiched with waterproofing tape, each rivet is individually sealed, and both the locks and handles are fitted with gaskets to create a barrier which is impervious to water.


All METAL MULE top boxes come standard with the Q-FIT ATTACHMENT SYSTEM, allowing it to fit straight on to the METAL MULE rear rack. The mounting brackets are lined with isolative polyurethane, which combined with the clamping effect of the lever, results in a firm and rattle-free fit.


*** NOTE – You must order the Metal Mule rear rack separately!

Delivery Dates:  We don’t typically stock panniers, frames, or other MM gear.  Instead we wait until we receive an order from a customer, then we contact MM-UK and put the order into their production queue.  Then MM-UK goes into the build process.  Delivery can take 3-4 weeks (or longer) depending on their production schedule.  We’ll give you an estimated shipping date from MM-UK and we’ll keep you informed as to when you can expect your order to arrive.  Any delays in delivery are caused by Metal Mule, not BestRest.  Please be patient, it’s worth the wait.

  Every Metal Mule order is a “special order”.  You can cancel it for up to 24 hours, but after that time the order is locked in place and is not refundable.