With the majority of other pannier systems, they either use a smaller pannier on the exhaust side, or employ a cut-out in the bag on the left. These cut-outs reduce your bags volume by as much as 1 liter, and add a bit to the overall cost of the system.

Metal Mule delivers a balanced pannier system (visually symetrical), by replacing your stock exhaust with a much narrower exhaust. This allows you to have two panniers the same size and not effect the appearance of the rear of the bike, and no loss of carrying capacity.

Many customers ask if a Remus or Akropovic (or other brand) exhaust will work with the Metal Mule balanced frames.  They won’t, you’ll have to use the Metal Mule exhaust system.  The MM exhaust is much narrower than other systems, which allows the frames to fit closely to the motorcycle.

Delivery Dates:  We don’t typically stock panniers, frames, or other MM gear.  Instead we wait until we receive an order from a customer, then we contact MM-UK and put the order into their production queue.  Then MM-UK goes into the build process.  Delivery can take 3-4 weeks (or longer) depending on their production schedule.  We’ll give you an estimated shipping date from MM-UK and we’ll keep you informed as to when you can expect your order to arrive.  Any delays in delivery are caused by Metal Mule, not BestRest.  Please be patient, it’s worth the wait.

  Every Metal Mule order is a “special order”.  You can cancel it for up to 24 hours, but after that time the order is locked in place and is not refundable.