Metal Mule


BestRest is the U.S. Importer of Metal Mule!

BestRest Products is the US and Canadian importer/distributor for Metal Mule pannier systems.

Metal Mule panniers are hand crafted in the United Kingdom. They come with premium features not found on other systems. They cost more than a plain-vanilla-pannier-setup from other manufacturers, but if you value quality and performance over the lowest price, then you’ll appreciate these products and you’ll appreciate your investment. Metal Mule has a well deserved reputation for producing the world’s finest motorcycle pannier systems.

Quality – Dependability – Reliability – Unique Features… remember those words. 

Metal Mule luggage has been designed with unique features. They have strong and very secure locks, the Q-Fit Attachment System, and riveted construction which allow roadside repairs in the event of a spill. Some think that riveted panniers are weaker (or somehow inferior) to welded panniers.  Not true.  Ever travel by air?  Airframes are riveted because it’s the strongest bond possible.

All panniers and top cases come with a storm gray powder coated finish.  The anodized aluminum finish shown in most of these photos is no longer available.

A two-tone “composite” finish is available by special order.  The lower case is black, the upper lid is white.  Add $50 per pannier. Composite finish will result in longer delivery time than the storm grey finish. 

Delivery Dates:  We don’t typically stock panniers, frames, or other MM gear.  Instead we wait until we receive an order from a customer, then we contact MM-UK and put the order into their production queue.  Then MM-UK goes into the build process.  Delivery can take 3-4 weeks (or longer) depending on their production schedule.  We’ll give you an estimated shipping date from MM-UK and we’ll keep you informed as to when you can expect your order to arrive.  Any delays in delivery are caused by Metal Mule, not BestRest.  Please be patient, it’s worth the wait.

  Every Metal Mule order is a “special order”.  You can cancel it for up to 24 hours, but after that time the order is locked in place and is not refundable. 

BestRest recently outfitted Seattle rider Frank Leonard’s F800GS with Metal Mule panniers and other BestRest accessories. Frank and friends rode their bikes to Tierra del Fuego, the tip of South America. Through it all the Metal Mule gear performed flawlessly.  

Photo courtesy of Mike Paull

Metal Mule is continually developing its luggage systems and fitment kits for a variety of motorcycle brands and models. Current models include systems for BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Triumph, more.

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Pannier Systems

Metal Mule panniers are available in 3 sizes: 

31 liter (called the Skinny Mule)
470mm long, 385mm high, 206mm deep  18.5″ x 15.2″ x 8.1″

38 liter (called the Classic Mule)
470mm long, 385mm high, 246mm deep   18.5″ x 15.2″ x 9.7″

45 liter (called the Fat Mule)
470 mm long, 385mm high, 286mm deep   18.5″ x 15.2″ x 11.3″


Many riders ask us how wide the Metal Mule system will be, mounted on their bike. We’ve compiled the various widths below.

F800GS Standard system, 31L left bag, 38L right bag = 1020 mm = 40.2″
F800GS Balanced system, 31L left bag, 31L right bag = 920 mm =  36.2″
F800GS Balanced system, 38L left bag, 38L right bag = 1000 mm = 39.4″
F800GS Balanced system, 45L left bag, 45L right bag = 1080 mm = 42.5″
R1200GS Standard system, 31L left bag, 38L right bag = 930 mm = 36.6″
R1200GS Standard system, 38L left bag, 45L right bag = 1010mm = 39.8″
R1200GS Balanced system, 31L left bag, 31L right bag = 853 mm = 33.6″
R1200GS Balanced system, 38L left bag, 38L right bag = 933 mm = 36.7″
R1200GS Balanced system, 45L left bag, 45L right bag = 1013 mm = 39.9″
(By comparison, BMW R1200GS Adventure cases 38L left, 44L right = 997 mm) = 39.3″
KTM 990 31L left bag, 38L right bag = 938mm  =  36.9″
KTM 990 38L left bag, 38L right bag = 1018mm =  40.1″
The KTM exhaust does not need to be modified or replaced.
Note that Standard systems utilize the stock BMW exhaust, and the system is non-symetrical, meaning that the left bag is smaller than the right bag. By contrast, balanced systems require replacement of the BMW exhaust with a Metal Mule exhaust so that both bags are the same size, therefore the system is balanced and symetrical.
For detailed information and pricing about each system click here, then scroll down to the Metal Mule section at the bottom of the page.

All sizes use the same quick release mounting system, and the bags are interchangeable with one another when mounting on the motorcycle.


As of April 2011, all panniers and topcases come with the Storm Gray powdercoat finish shown at upper right.  Anodized aluminum finishes are no longer available.

BestRest offers panniers that are manufactured to “full spec”, meaning they have all the bells and whistles offered by Metal Mule. Finish is a storm grey powder coat (above right).

Other finishes are available on special order only, with added costs. Those finishes include anodized alumium, and composite (anodized lid with powder coated body).

SERIES 2 panniers carry on METAL MULE’S tradition of exceptional quality and attention to detail.

New features include absolutely no intrusions in the loading area, redesigned Q-FIT system, an amazing new Silicon seal which is cast into the lid and a rolled edged base.


Photo at left shows rubber foot, photo at right shows sealing ring and unobstructed interior.

Exceptionally tough, they are built using 2mm aluminium throughout and continue with METAL MULE’S trademark double-folded corners and inverted tray underside.


The completely new Q-FIT System is better than ever – fitting and removal from the bike in seconds! Polyurethane lined mounting brackets ensure no rattles or vibes. The exceptionally secure cam lock interacts with a clever new latch that does not intrude into the pannier – once locked in place they cannot be removed.

The new Space aged Silicon Seal is cast into the lipped and hinged lid and is totally water and dust proof. All the joints are taped and riveted – incredibly strong, completely impermeable.

METAL MULE SERIES 2 panniers are a truly exceptional product – not metal boxes – more a design icon.

Full spec panniers include the following factory fitted accessories:-

Rubber Feet
Tie down loops
Top handle
Side handles


Customized panniers are available by special order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Strap brackets (useful for mounting fuel/water cans) are also available however they are not factory fitted to allow for flexibility in their positioning.

For detailed information and pricing about each system click here, then scroll down to the Metal Mule section at the bottom of the page.



F800GS Product Line

Metal Mule makes a complete line of accessories for the new F800GS. These are some of the products we’ve brought into the States, more gear is coming every day. To order product, click here.

Pannier frames – Standard system that allows use of stock BMW exhaust, typically uses a 31L left pannier and 38L right pannier. Overall width of that system is 1020mm.

Pannier frames – Balanced system that requires replacement of BMW exhaust with a Metal Mule exhaust and allows use of balanced panniers sizes.

Overall width of the Balanced system:
     2 x 31L bags = 920mm
     2 x 38L  = 1000m


Metal Mule gear is always a “Special Order”


Metal Mule has a broad product line, with many fitment options. Due to the global economy BestRest is importing Metal Mule gear only when we receive an order from one of our customers.  For that reason every Metal Mule order is considered to be a “special order”. After 24 hours the order cannot be cancelled and no refunds will be given.

It’s always more cost effective to purchase a “package deal” with one of our standard pannier systems, than it is to order individual items a la carte.

If you wish to shop the UK Metal Mule website go to and check out all their gear. If you see something you like, contact us and we can special order it for you.You won’t get your gear overnight, but it will show up in a couple weeks. 

Due to currency fluctuations and international shipping costs, the prices shown on the Metal Mule’s website are not necessarily reflective of the prices charged by BestRest*. Since we bring in pallet loads of Metal Mule gear, shipping costs are dramatically reduced when compared to individual overseas shipments.

*Some US customers have expressed a desire to purchase Metal Mule goods directly from the UK. Metal Mule UK won’t ship products directly to the US, all their goods must come through BestRest. It’s a system designed to benefit the customer, and make importation of the products easier for everybody.


Note:  Because of the dimensions, weight, value/insurance costs, shipping fees are higher than they would be for regular product shipments. Any website shipping price is purely speculation; you will be assessed and charged accordingly per order. Please call if you have questions about the costs of shipping to your address.