Gotcha! Straps

Gotcha! Straps are non-stretching nylon straps designed to hold your gear on your bike or hold your panniers to the frame for added security when the going gets tough.  The straps have an industrial grade hook-and-loop material on the face and backside.  Most people call that material Vel-xxx but we can’t for trademark reasons. 

One side of the strap is covered in “loop” material.  At one end is the buckle, at the other end is a 4″ section of “hook” material.  

Straps are 2″ wide, and come in 20″, 36″ or 72″ lengths. You can join them together for custom lengths.

  • 20″ straps adjust for loads from 3″ to 6″ diameter.
  • 36″ straps adjust for loads from 6″ to 11″ diameter.
  • 72″ straps adjust for loads from 12″ to 24″ diameter.
  • Connect the straps in series to secure larger loads.
  • Straps can be folded and easily fit thru tiedowns less than 2″ wide.

Gotcha! Straps have been lab tested with loads over 250 pounds.  They’re waterproof, self-tightening, non-stretchable, and bullet-proof durable.  The hook-and-loop is REALLY secure once its pressed into place.

Gotcha! Straps come in a bright blue color only.  Made in New Zealand.



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