Forksaver Fork Tube Protection

Forksaver protects your front fork seals from dirt, sand, mud, and other crud that’ll cause them to to fail prematurely.  If you’ve ever had to replace a bad fork seal (we have, several times), you know how much of a hassle it is, and how much it can cost for parts and for labor.

Unlike foam or neoprene fork sleeves, Forksaver doesn’t  use an open-pore material that quickly gets impregnated with mud and grit.  When that happens (and it will the moment you start riding) those sleeves turn into a cylindrical sanding blocks that’ll score your chrome tubes.  Scored tubes leads to seal failure.

Unlike open-pore foam and neoprene designs that absorb and hold water like a sponge, Forksaver doesn’t retain water.  Your sliders remain clean and dry (unless you’re crossing a creek).  When that happens, any water quickly drains out the bottom, past the O-ring.  No water retention, no rusted tubes.

Forksaver slips onto the large main fork tube and is held in place with a high-strength silicone band.  A flexible waterproof nylon sleeve covers the chrome slider, and at the far end it’s held in place by a specially designed O-ring.

Here’s what a fork looks like WITHOUT a Forksaver:

Your forks will move freely throughout their entire travel.  Even at full compression Forksaver won’t interfere with the brake rotor or rigid fork protectors you might be using to protect the tubes.

Here’s a short video showing them on the bike:  Forksaver In Action

Forksaver fits upside-down forks measuring 45-50 mm, including forks made by these manufacturers, as well as others not listed: 

Kyaba Paioli Showa
Marzocchi Poletti Solva
Ohlins Sachs WP

Forksaver also fits conventional forks, where the chrome slider is ABOVE the main fork tube.

Forksaver is hand-crafted in Italy.  Each one is carefully sewn then inspected for quality and appearance.  As with every product sold by BestRest, you can be assured it’s the best that money can buy.  We wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t.  


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