Cyclops LED Lighting Systems
Cyclops is a Seattle company specializing in high performance LED lighting systems for motorcycles, ATV’s, and other vehicles.  We visited their shop, questioned their staff about their products, and picked out a couple items to test. We installed Cyclops LED headlight systems on our own bikes…and… WOW… STUNNING… SPECTACULAR. Talk about turning night into day!  Watch this short video showing a BMW F800GS with a Cyclops LED conversion:  Cyclops Demo

We’re convinced that Cyclops makes the BEST and most brilliant aftermarket lights for cars, motorcycles and ATV’s.  That’s why we sell them. Here’s what one customer said:
“I recently purchased a set of Cyclops LED headlights for my ’08 GSA. I am very impressed! Installation took me about 2 hours start to finish. The hardest part was finding the sweet spot to store the driver unit and wires between the reflector and housing, thanks for the YouTube video. For the price and ease, I have to say this is the best lighting upgrade for the GSA. Light is a crisp white and even distribution down road. No issues with any CANbus errors. Excellent product and great customer service (fast
shipping too)!” – G. Burns, Phoenix AZ

Here’s a photo sent to us by a customer who rides a Kawasaki Versys.  He replaced his stock LOW beam with the Cyclops H7. This side-by-side comparison shows how much more light you can expect from a Cyclops.

Cyclops lights are made in Korea; when they arrive in Seattle each one is individually inspected and bench-tested for several minutes by the Cyclops team to ensure they perform to the highest standards.  These lights are the best technology money can buy… don’t confuse them with cheap Chinese LED’s which have a well-earned bad reputation for failure.

Why go LED? An LED (light emitting diode) light uses a fraction of the power of a traditional halogen lighting system, but LED still produces several times more light. The light is cleaner, brighter, and further reaching than halogen could ever produce. As an added benefit, LED lights last several times longer than halogen lights. 
Why use LED lights instead of HID lights?  LED uses about the same amount of power, or less.  LED doesn’t need a bulky ballast module.  LED has an instant start-up, whereas HID takes several seconds to come up to temperature. LED lasts longer. LED costs less.  LED is smaller, lighter, and more rugged. All things considered, LED is a win-win-win when compared to HID lights.


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