CyclePump Lifetime Warranty

That’s not a misprint.  We mean it.  Lifetime.  If there’s a manufacturing defect, we fix it.
The CyclePump is the best motorcycle tire inflator in the world.  We’ve been making them for over 20 years so we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Our quality control is superb. Our skilled American craftsmen assemble each CyclePump by hand, one-at-a-time, using the best materials and the finest components.  The CyclePump is built to last. That’s why we can offer this warranty with full confidence.
The Lifetime Warranty covers defects, but doesn’t cover normal wear-and-tear, or dirt or water contamination.  It doesn’t cover intentional abuse or failures caused by extraordinary circumstances (you dropped it down a well, your garage burned down with your CyclePump inside, or a colony of Zimbabwe ants took up residence inside the aluminum case), nor does it cover units that have been modified or otherwise tampered with by others.
The Lifetime Warranty is for the original purchaser only.  If it’s a second-hand CyclePump then it’s not covered.
This Lifetime Warranty is RETROACTIVE, so even if you bought a CyclePump a few years ago, it’s covered.  We’ve got your back.
The Lifetime Warranty offer means we’ll repair your CyclePump (not replace it).  We’ll get it back to a working condition and we’ll test it to make sure it performs to our standards.  We won’t upgrade it to the latest specs, or replace a worn red storage pouch or a cosmetically frayed air hose, or put on new air chucks if we can make the old ones work.  
To submit a claim you must have proof of purchase from BestRest Products, or from one of our retail dealers.  If we can find you in our sales records, then you don’t need your receipt.  If you’re not in our records or you don’t have a copy of your receipt, then the Lifetime Warranty is not available, sorry.  We can still make repairs for a nominal fee.
To make a claim, fill out the PDF form (below).  Include $30.00 US cash, check, or money order, or provide your credit card details on the form.  This fee covers processing and return postage.
For international customers the Lifetime Warranty is valid, but you’ll pay any additional international shipping fees.
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