Because BestRest makes the CyclePump, the TireIron BeadBrakR, and other tire repair products, we’re often asked for recommendations on tires.  They want to know what tires we use on our own bikes (the BMW F800GS and R1200GS).  Here’s what we tell them… For years we used two brands:  Metzler Tourance for road riding, and Continental TKC-80 for off-road applications.  Tourances gave us good performance on the tarmac, but didn’t grip very well off-road.  TKC’s were great off-road, but they easily wore out within a few thousand miles.

We’ve learned about a new tire that gives the best of both worlds – Heidenau-Tires.  We’ve seen them in use both on and off road, and we like what we see.  So we ordered up a set of K60 Scout tires and mounted them on our personal R12GS.  The tire at right fits the rear wheel – note that solid strip of rubber running down the middle.  That strip lends itself to long tire life, while the large blocks on the side help when it comes to off-road traction.  You get the best of both worlds….