Mounting Stiff Sidewall Motorcycle Tires with MotoZipps

//Mounting Stiff Sidewall Motorcycle Tires with MotoZipps

Mounting Stiff Sidewall Motorcycle Tires with MotoZipps

Mounting stiff sidewall motorcycle tires can be a real pain in the knuckles.  Some tires like the Heidenau and the Moto-Z Tractionator are so stiff that they defy regular mounting techniques.  If you have a tire machine, no biggie, but if you’re like me and you mount your own tires using hand tools, you have to go to Plan B to get them on (or off) the rim.

This YouTube video clearly explains the mechanics of mounting a tire, and it shows you how to use MotoZipp zip ties to crush the tire sidewalls so they fit into the “well of the rim”.  Mr. BestRest shows you how it’s done, he explains every process, and he shares some Pro Tips that’ll give you the confidence to change your own tires.

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