Guglielmo Ferrazzani is the driving force behind Guglatech fuel and air filters.  First he created the world’s best fuel filtration system, then he created the world’s best air filter for the BMW 800 and 1200 series.  But even those air filters didn’t meet his demanding standards, so he went back to the drawing board.  First he created a testing platform, the Raid Against The Sand (RATS) Machine.  Then he tested OEM paper filters, foam filters, and cloth filters made by other companies.  They all failed.  Read this article and see for yourself.  It’s pretty impressive:  Hail to the Guglatech RATS Machine 

The RATS Machine replicates the worst conditions any rider will ever encounter, compressing a 10-year ride into a few minutes.

As a result of those tests, Guglielmo created an entirely new air filtration system – The Rally Raid Ultra 4.  This new filter replaces the “old” Guglatech air filter, which was already superior to other types and brands.

Hail to the Guglatech RATS Machine