Occasionally a Customer sends us a CyclePump for a repair, or an upgrade, or a warranty claim.  

I personally do all the warranty and repair work because I want to make sure their CyclePump is returned to them in perfect operating condition.  This is part of my commitment to quality, as seen in this video:  I Love Air – The CyclePump Story

Today I worked on two different pumps, one belonging to Mike Bosworth and one from Jeff Potter.  Both reported that the motor was still running, but pressure build-up was slow.  That’s indicative of dirt in the valve assembly.  Easy to fix here in our shop.

Inside the lid of each CyclePump we always write the date of manufacture and the name of the technician who built it.  Both of these pumps were built by Nick, one in June ’09 and one in September ’09.  Both pumps showed signs of heavy use on the trail, and there was a lot of crud inside the case.  

Today I updated those notes, writing my name inside the lid and documenting the work I did to each pump.  This is my way of continuing the legacy of performance and reliability that’s built into every CyclePump.

After I made each repair and installed the upgrades, I tested each unit to make sure it passed our strict quality control standards.
Switch √ Check
Motor unit √ Check
Compressor unit √ Check
Hose √ Check
Air Chuck √ Check
Wiring harness √ Check
Inflation time √ Check
Both units passed, both received Mr. BestRest’s seal of approval.  When I was done with my work they looked like this:

Back in 2009 Mike and Jeff made an investment in their CyclePump – 9 years later their investment is still returning dividends.

In this day and age it’s rare to find a product that has such a good reputation, and it’s unheard of to find a product with a Lifetime Warranty. Keep that in mind when you purchase a tire inflator for your 2-wheeled travels.  You can pay less for another inflator, but you’ll get less. Yes, you’ll pay more for a CyclePump, but you’ll get more for your money.  Just ask Mike and Jeff…