We’d like your feedback and help…

Every few weeks we publish a newsletter called the CyclePump Press. In those newsletters we announce new products, we post special sales, and we publish articles and links that we believe will be of interest to our customers.  

Our mailing list for the CyclePump Press numbers in the tens of thousands, and it’s growing every day.  We add new customers to that subscription list, or they can add themselves on the bottom of the Home Page.  It’s easy to opt out; every newsletter has a link at the bottom of the page.  Click it and you’re removed from the list.

We use a mailing list program called Constant Contact and we’re happy to report that this is the 4th consecutive year we’ve won their All Star Award.  Awards are given based on the percentage of clicks we get from each newsletter.  We typically get about a 33-35% engagement, which is twice the national average, so we must be doing something right.  Or are we?  This is where we need your help.

We try to keep the newsletters short, simple, and to-the-point.  We don’t like spam mail any more then you do, so we’re careful to limit the number of posts we do every month.  We hope we’re finding the right balance between keeping you informed VS boring you to death.

Please write us a few words and tell us how we’re doing on the CyclePump Press newsletter.   Is it too long?  too short?  too frequent?  not frequent enough?  etc.  Is there some topic you’d like us to cover?  Is there some product you want us to feature?  

We’ll review all comments and publish selected ones for everyone to see.  (We do have to review and approve them because of spam-bots).

Thanks in advance!  Your input is appreciated.

David Petersen
Mr. BestRest
(Photo taken while on vacation in Kona, Hawaii, Feb 2017)