Why pay $115 for a CyclePump?  Or even more if you get the 90-degree chuck option.

Would you be willing to pay $6.67 a year to have one in your saddlebag for the next decade?

Back in 2005 John Kirner bought his CyclePump for $80. For 12 years it’s been filling his tires, never missing a beat, never failing, never slowing down. Nevertheless John thought it would be a good idea to send it in for a checkup. John knows you have to take care of your gear if you want it to last.  Be like John.

We put John’s CyclePump on the bench and ran it thru the testing process. It still performed like new, inflating our BMW R12GS test tire to 32 PSI in less than 2 minutes.

John asked us add a new 90-degree air chuck and bring everything up to EXPEDITION specifications. On the left is John’s old pump, on the right is the upgraded CyclePump. Looks like new, performs like new.

John’s $80 investment back in 2005 means his yearly cost of ownership has only been $6.67 per year.

For the next 12 years John’s cost of ownership will be $5.00 per year, based on the work we did to his old Cyclepump, including the various upgrades. Well done, John.

So the next time someone questions the high price of a CyclePump, tell them John’s story.  Be like John.