If you’ve got tubes in your tires, you have a “tubed rim”.  If you get a puncture the tire repair process is lengthy:  Remove the wheel, break the bead, spoon the tire off one side of the rim, repair or replace the tube, re-spoon the tire back on the rim, inflate, and re-install the wheel on the bike.  Allow 45-60 minutes for the process.

But if you’ve got tubeless rims the tire repair process is quick and easy.  Use a vulcanizing sting to repair the tire, inflate, and ride.  The entire process takes less time than it took for me to type this report.

Mr. BestRest did some research and found out what other riders were using for this conversion.  Then he made a video showing you how it’s done.

Watch the video HERE

Converting from tubed to tubeless isn’t for everyone.  But after watching the video you’ll have enough info to make up your own mind…