Starting Saturday Dec 7th, you can save 20% on your BestRest order.  

Use coupon code “Christmas 19” when you go thru the checkout process.




  1. Select the gear you want,
  2. Go to your shopping cart, 
  3. Enter the code in the white box,
  4. Click the blue button to apply the coupon. 
Your order total will show the proper discount (see paragraph below).

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  (you might wanna read this carefully)

  • Sale starts 0001 Dec 7, ends 2359 Dec 24 (PST). Don’t order early, don’t order late.
  • Limited to stock on hand, no rain checks, one coupon per order, coupons cannot be combined, retail sales only, no dealers.  
  • BestRest reserves the right to correct pricing and inventory errors.  
  • Orders placed before this sale went into effect are not eligible for retroactive discounts.  
  • * Items already on sale are not eligible for a discount – in other words, if we’ve already marked something down, then the Christmas Coupon will not apply to that particular item. 
  • If you forget to use the code when you check out, you won’t get the discount after-the-fact.
  • If you call and place a phone order, clearly state that you want the Christmas 19 discount.
  • Don’t mumble when you call – I hate mumblers almost as much as I hate circus clowns and   pickled beets.
  • Website orders are preferred because they reduce my phone time.
  • Phone orders must be placed by a real human – no talking cats, dogs, or parrots (we learned  some painful lessons last year).
  • Phone messages will be returned as time permits, 1st come, 1st served.
  • A voice message won’t trigger your discount; you need to actually talk to me to place your order and get the discount.
  • If I don’t answer the phone keep trying – I may be taking a nap or working on one of my bikes (or doing both at the same time).  
  • If for some reason you weren’t able to place your order before the deadline, yer outta luck.
  • If any of this doesn’t make sense, give me a call.  If I sound sleepy, that’s normal.
  • Angry callers who claim they were disenfranchised because they bought something last week (at the full price) and didn’t get the Christmas discount, will be placed on hold, forever.