You’re Invited To Join Mr. BestRest and Friends!

We’re now taking names for the 2016 event.  Contact us if you’re interested.  We’ll add your name to the roster.(*)

BestRest Adventure - Northwest Passage 2012We rode this route in 2012, 13, 14 and 15…  we had so much fun we’re doing it again in 2016.  This is a mostly off-pavement ride leaving from BestRest’s World Headquarters (just north of Seattle).  The route will wander thru the mountains of northern Washington, going into the Idaho panhandle, then east to Montana where we’ll hook up with the northern end of the Continental Divide Route in Eureka MT.

Some riders turn around at Priest Lake ID and head back for Seattle.  They’ll arrive home on Saturday. Those who continue to Montana will get back on Tuesday.

(*) Adding your name to the roster means we will add you to the list of interested riders.  Space is limited.  There is a screening process based on riding experience.  We’re not being snobs, we just don’t want someone to get in over their head.

This will be an intermediate level off-pavement, GS-style ride.  We’ll be on gravel and dirt, following GPS tracks and/or paper maps.  There will be no support provided – this is a ride where you’ll be expected to take care of your own needs.  You’ll camp in your own tent, bring and cook your own food, water, refreshments, etc, so you’ll need to be totally self-sufficient.  Perhaps there’ll be a common chili pot at the campsite but we won’t make any promises…

Space is limited to twenty (20) riders.  This limit is necessary because of the primitive campsites and remote country we plan to visit.  This ride is weather contingent – early snows or heavy rains will make the mountain roads impassable.  Previous camping experience is necessary.  Your bike must have a range of at least 100 miles.  A Washington Discover Pass is required because we’ll pass thru some State land.  Dual sport tires are necessary – no street tires.  You can make it on fresh Metzler Tourances, but Continental TKC-80’s (or their equivalent) are highly recommended.  It’s our intention to avoid pavement whenever possible.  Whatever tires you ride, make sure they’re in good condition with plenty of tread and NO recent punctures.  (We’ve had riders show up on baloney skins which failed during the ride, and that caused a lot of other riders a lot of headaches as they nursed their fellow rider along the trail)

You’ll need these items to participate in this adventure (this is a partial listing):

  • Large displacement dual sport motorcycle in good condition, i.e. KTM 640/990, BMW 650/800/1200, V/Wee Strom, Tenere, Kawasaki KLR, etc.
  • We’ve had riders on bikes as small as 250cc.  They did OK on the dirt, but were slow on the paved sections – but they made it all the way and enjoyed themselves.
  • Protective dual sport riding gear (street boots and street riding gear won’t cut it).
  • Cold weather gear.  We’ll be camping at high elevation and it can get pretty cold up there so be prepared for temps to dip near freezing. 
  • Dual sport tires. Heidenau Sport, Continental TKC80 or similar recommended.
  • GPS strongly recommended.  We’ll provide routes that you can download. If you don’t have a GPS you’ll be handicapped like a 1-armed man in a fist fight.  
  • Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, stove, freeze dried foods, etc)
  • Tools for minor adjustments or repairs along the route
  • Tire repair kit for tire punctures – required !!!
  • Water container – you’ll need at least 1 gallon when your ride and camp.
  • Fuel range of at least 100 miles. We’ll refuel whenever we see a gas pump.
  • Washington Discover Pass.  We’ll be travelling thru some State Forests.  Even though this is public land, you must pay a toll to the King for the privilege of trespassing on your own land. A Discover Pass means you won’t get a ticket from one of his tax collectors. 
  • Intermediate off-road riding experienced needed.  If you’ve never ridden Forest Service gravel roads, then this journey probably isn’t your cup of tea.  There is at least one difficult section of jeep road.  It can be ridden 2-up on a BMW R1200GS, but it is tricky.  We’ll help you, but we won’t carry you.
  • You must be in good physical condition and you muste be able to ride off-pavement for 8-10 hours each day. 
  • You should have a flexible attitude and the ability to get along well with others.
  • We highly recommend you read this “How To Ride Off-Road” article:   
    How To Ride Off Road

Other details will be provided upon request

How much does it cost???  Nuthin – it’s FREE !!! There is no cost for this “event” because it’s not really an “event”.  This is an unguided and informal gathering of friends and riding buddies.  You won’t get a T-shirt or a rally pin, and there won’t be any door prizes or trophies or any of the usual frills you’ve come to expect from an organized “rally”.  There might be some refreshments distributed when we camp for the night, depending on how far it is to the nearest general store or trading post.

In Priest Lake ID we may pool our resources to get a deluxe condo that’ll hold a dozen riders. It’s a nice way to end the ride for those going back home, and it’s a chance to clean up for those riding east to Montana.  Allow $100 for your lodging contribution.  You can camp for free if that’s your thing.

If you’re interested in attending please contact us by email.  We’ll get back to you with the details as they develop.    info(at)